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Spring time can be both a fun and miserable occasion. Warmer weather is finally coming to Bloomington, but it’s bringing allergens, humidity and even dust mites with it. And with all of the rain we’ve had lately, there’s a pretty good chance that more water is getting tracked along your home’s flooring.

But not to worry! Here, we’ll offer a few spring cleaning tips to keep your floors pristine and allergy-free. We’ll also take a quick look at flooring options that make spring cleaning a breeze – and help promote indoor air quality.

Dust Mites: Spring’s Hidden Threat

With pollen and other allergens taking the spotlight during spring, it’s easy to overlook another common seasonal threat: dust mites. While dust mites can be found throughout the year, spring provides the perfect environment for them to flourish in dark, shaded areas. Even worse, they actually tend to cause flareups for allergies and asthma more frequently than pollen – we just look to pollen as the culprit.

This is why we recommend a deep, preferably professional cleaning during spring. By killing and removing dust mite colonies at the start of the season, they are less likely to reproduce in exponential numbers as temperatures and humidity levels continue to climb. In addition to cleaning your floors, it’s also important to vacuum your upholstery and mattresses during this time.

Cleaning Under Appliances

The floor spaces under refrigerators, washers and dryers are some of the most likely to accumulate allergens, promote bacterial growth and get overlooked during cleaning. This buildup of grime can degrade your home’s air quality and lead to stains. It can also attract insects and other pests. While it may be inconvenience to move large appliances now, forgetting to clean these areas may prove worse in the long run.

The Benefits of Tile & Stone

There is a reason that porcelain tile is so common in kitchens and bathrooms: it’s easier to clean, costs less to maintain and is naturally hygienic. In other words, porcelain tile naturally presents a hostile environment to bacteria.

Another great benefit of porcelain flooring: it’s suitable for outdoor use. This is the perfect option if you’ve been dreaming of a small getaway spot in your backyard. Check out our Amesbury scene for a little inspiration.

Carpet: Not As Bad As You Think

Traditionally, carpet has been known to flare symptoms of allergies and asthma. When cared for properly, many modern carpet selections can actually have the opposite effect by helping to filter your home’s air. Pollen, pet dander and other allergens become trapped under the carpet’s fibers – and modern carpet is designed to prevent the finest of articles (along with moisture) from becoming embedded or absorbed. As long as the floors are vacuumed at least once per week, these particles will be removed from the home completely. Just be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and empty it outside of your home.

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