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It’s easy to take a quick look at a carpet rack and think that it all looks the same. However, there is so much more under the surface. Each collection has its own set of features designed to fit a certain lifestyle. For the most demanding homes, Anso Nylon stands apart. It offers more performance in terms of durability, resilience and style.


patterned carpet in a living room

Nylon is known for being the most durable carpet fiber. Anso Nylon improves durability even more. It is designed to resist crushing, fraying and tearing for decades. It also holds up against pet claws. In fact, studies show that when stress tested, Anso Nylon is 20% more durable than traditional nylon.

CrossBond Technology

So how does Anso Nylon provide enhanced durability? By implementing CrossBound technology during manufacturing. Fibers are twisted together before heating, then permanently bonded after cooling. This increased density also helps improve the aesthetic appeal of Anso Nylon.


Not only does Anso Nylon hold against damage, it’s also designed to maintain an even aesthetic. CrushResister technology prevents individual fibers from losing their shape, even in high-traffic areas. It’s also flexible, so a quick vacuuming is all that’s needed to remove imprints after rearranging your room.

R2X: Stain and Soil Resistance

Anso Nylon carpet in a living room

Another concern with carpet floors (perhaps more so than durability) is the ease of staining and the difficulty of cleaning. Traditionally, spilling a beverage on carpet meant stopping everything so that it could be cleaned before staining or soaking through to the subfloor. The R2X System is changing that.

R2X is an innovative treatment that can be applied during or after manufacturing. Unlike most treatments, which provide surface-layer protection, R2X offers complete fiber coverage, top to bottom. So fibers will never absorb spills even if they reach the base of the carpet padding. It is also a permanent solution, so there is no need to reapply it over the life of the carpet. R2X is included with all Anso Nylon carpets.


Bedroom carpet

At this point, it may sound like Anso Nylon trades comfort for performance. The opposite is true; Anso Nylon is one of the softest and most comfortable carpet options available. Its fibers are often compared to silk.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™

Even if you ever decide to replace your Anso Nylon carpet, it offers another benefit: a Cradle to Cradle Certification™. Every line of Anso Nylon carpet is recyclable. But that’s not all included with the C2C certification. Qualifying products must also meet standards relating to material health and reuse, energy management and water stewardship. In other words, it follows a product from sourcing to distribution to ensure sustainable practices. A growing number of organizations prefer it as the standard for responsible purchasing decisions.

Lifetime Warranties

By now, it’s probably no surprise that Anso Nylon is protected by multiple warranties. Here’s a quick look at each:

  • Lifetime no-wrinkle
  • Lifetime pet soil
  • Lifetime stain resistant
  • 25 year wear, texture and quality

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