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Hardwood flooring is often chosen for its versatility, but it still needs a little more maintenance than most people realize. Failing to maintain hardwood floors properly can not only reduce its lifetime, but also void its warranty. Here, we’ll discuss a few basic needs of all hardwood flooring. However, it’s still important to check the documentation for any special nuances.

Cleaning Spills

Hardwood is often seen as easier to clean than carpet, but this isn’t always the case. For example, just like carpet, spills on hardwood floors need to be thoroughly cleaned right away. This is because excessive moisture can cause wood panels to expand. Eventually, this can lead to warped and buckled planks. Also, depending on which treatments were applied to hardwood floors during manufacturing, some common beverages can soak into the wood grains, permanently staining them.

The actual cleaner to be used varies with each floor. Obviously, conventional wood cleaners won’t do. Since hardwood flooring is built with a unique engineering process that often includes specialized treatments, the documentation should be checked for proper cleaning solutions.

Cleaning Frequency

It’s usually best to sweep hardwood floors at least once per week. A vacuum can also be used as long as it uses a soft brush. Depending on your specific floor, it may also be beneficial to add a protective treatment (such as R2X), at least once per month after cleaning.

Proper Humidity Levels

Maintaining hardwood floors is about more than keeping them clean. As we previously mentioned, excessive moisture can cause hardwood panels to expand. The home’s humidity levels can also contribute to this expansion.

Ideally, humidity levels should remain between 35% and 55%. Here in Bloomington, our morning humidity levels are usually well above this, but they do tend to drop during the afternoon.

Added Protection

Mats and rugs can also help protect hardwood flooring (and cost much less to replace). Mats can help remove dirt and pebbles before they can scratch the floor’s surface. Rugs help prevent heavy objects (such as furniture and entertainment centers) from creating indention.

Looking For More Versatility? Consider Engineered Hardwood

By now, you may be thinking that hardwood flooring isn’t as durable or low maintenance as you thought. If so, we have good news. Engineered hardwood flooring is a new option designed to provide an authentic hardwood solution with the versatility that we’ve come to expect from modern floors. They feature a layered design that makes them more stable, durable and resistant to moisture.

Learn More

To learn more about proper floor care, or to make an informed choice for your next purchase, visit Bloomington’s premier flooring experts at Hoosier CarpetsPlus today!