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Traditionally, we view carpet as a solid color spreading across a room. While this serves as a solid foundation for a room’s design, it doesn’t offer much else. As a result, designers are beginning to embrace new designs, styles and even colors with their carpet flooring. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the modern styles that are redefining interior design.


Carpet with plant pattern designs

Carpet patterns have been around for a while, but never with the sophistication that we’re seeing now. They also haven’t been very common in residential homes, though modern trends are changing that as well. In fact, many carpet patterns are proving not only suitable, but preferable in living rooms, bedrooms and even basements. We’re also seeing a large enough variety of patterns, including traditional, modern and even natural aesthetics, to fit any style. Take a quick look at our PATTERN Destination for examples of the many styles available.


Textured carpet in a living room

To build on the popularity of patterns, more carpet selections are now including textured designs. These are patterns that you really can feel, and they uniquely make the design pop. Some textures are more pronounced than others, again ensuring that there is something for everyone.


Textured yellow carpet

We’re seeing more colors traditionally reserved for tile & stone making their way to carpet. The latest interior design trends seem to be accepting of this, with colors and tones previously considered too bold for carpet setting the foundation for newer, more creative room designs.


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