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We often consider stone to be among the most beautiful and impervious materials, but did you know there’s a luxurious flooring choice that’s just as beautiful and even more durable? The answer may surprise you: porcelain. Porcelain tile can perfectly replicate the beauty of stone flooring, an aesthetic that has drawn the ire of royalty throughout the ages – and proves stronger than granite or marble flooring. Even better, it typically costs less than natural stones options. Here’s a quick look at why we love porcelain tile flooring.

Healthy Home

Even as we find new ways to provide a healthier home for our families, new innovations continue to help us take that necessity even further. Porcelain is especially adept at this.

Ease of Cleaning

The engineering process of porcelain tile flooring allows it to easily resist both stains and moisture, making cleaning a breeze. Simply sweep a few times per week, then mop once per week. The only difference is that you’ll want to remove excess water rather than allowing it to air dry. To prevent mildew growth, use a cleaning solution specifically designed for porcelain tile.


Since porcelain is a denser type of ceramic tile, it shares the properties that make ceramic resistant to bacteria. Combining porcelain’s antibacterial properties with its ease of cleaning, it’s no surprise that porcelain is among the most hygienic flooring options. This is another reason (in addition to it being waterproof) that porcelain tile is often found in kitchens, bathrooms and garages.

Improved Air Quality

An often overlooked issue surrounding many flooring selections is their propensity to release VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Put simply, these are particles that can be released from certain flooring types over time, often left over from the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, these compounds are sometimes known to negatively impact our health.

The engineering process of porcelain tile flooring actually destroys all VOC particles, leading to much higher indoor air quality than even carpet or vinyl selections.


Porcelain tile is manufactured with extreme temperatures under immense pressure. The result – a nearly impervious product surprisingly resistant to both scratches and damage. That’s why many manufacturers offer warranties that last decades or even a lifetime.


Have you wanted to add a touch of luxury to the pool or deck? We often feel that weatherproof options are limited. However, we’ve already learned that porcelain tile is engineered with both durability and water resistance in mind. This makes it a great option to boost the style of your deck, pool area or even walkways!

Learn More

You can find more information about all tile and stone flooring in our Learn section. To browse the many selections of porcelain tile flooring available, or for expert advice on the perfect flooring for your home, stop by Hoosier CarpetsPlus COLORTILE in Bloomington today! Remember, we also offer professional tile installation services.